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September 2012

To my many friends and fans,

More than sixty-five years ago I left my family in Tulsa, Oklahoma and began a great adventure in show business. From Chicago to New York to Hollywood to Nashville and many other cities and towns throughout this country and beyond I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to do what I love most…to sing.  I never really kept track but I am told that I’ve recorded over one thousand songs on more albums than I can remember. Live performances all over the world gave me the chance to meet so many fans who found joy in what came very naturally to me. For all that I am truly grateful.

Over the past year and a half I have not focused on performance or recording but have been more attentive to the doctors, nurses and thoughtful caregivers who have been helping me face several medical challenges. Throughout my life I never really gave much thought to my senior years. I was always able to hop on a plane, go out on stage and make music with the band. At this point I am no longer able to do that. My travels now are quite limited to North San Diego County, CA where I have called home for the past four decades. Although I feel I still have the voice God gave me, physical impairments are preventing me from using that voice as I had for so many years. It is only He who knows what the future holds.

Each and every day I am still hopeful that I might regain the strength I once had and resume a more active life. I thank all those well-wishers whose greetings and prayers touch me deeply, and I look forward to days of better health ahead.

Please keep me in your prayers as I will continue to pray for all of you.

My best wishes always,

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